Navajo Nation Transportation Partnership

Meeting Summaries and Presentations

June 15, 2023 Meeting

Partnership MissionĀ 

The mission of the Navajo Nation Partnership is to develop, foster and maintain good working relationships in order to construct, operate and maintain the most reliable, economical, efficient and effective transportation system for the safety of the traveling public. We commit to promoting a sustained opportunity and investment in the partnership effort through the pursuit of mutually beneficial goals in a spirit of respect, open communication, cooperation and trust.

Partnership History

The Navajo Nation Transportation Partnership was founded on a signed charter recognizing leadership support for the partnership, the prioritization of issues, and identification of champions from each partner group to participate on a partnership steering committee. The steering committee meets regularly to identify and advance goals. In addition, an annual meeting is held to present accomplishments, celebrate successes, and review the status and direction of the partnership.

Navajo Nation

The Navajo Nation is largely based in Arizona but it also extends into Utah and New Mexico. The reservation is 27,000 square miles and is larger than 10 of the 50 states in America. Navajo land has a vast diversity in terrain ranging from the high desert to mountainous regions but it is well known for the majestic Red Rocks that are a breathtaking view in the Arizona sunset.

There are six scenic routes on Navajo land. One is Navajo Mountain Road that traverses 58 miles along SR98 from Page, Arizona to the intersection of US160. This route is a great way to enter the Nation for first time visitors. Second is the Kayenta - Monument Valley Scenic Byway located on US163 and is known as the "Gateway to Monument Valley." It begins in Kayenta, AZ and ends at the Utah border. Third is the Flat Mesa Rock Scenic Road that is located on US191 between milepost 467 and 510. The road weaves through northeastern Arizona. Fourth is the Fredonia - Vermilion Cliffs Scenic Road that traverses 82 miles along SR89A between mileposts 525 and 607. This is known as the gateway to the Colorado River in Marble Canyon and to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. The fifth scenic route is Among the People Scenic Road that weaves through the high desert, mountains, valley, canyon country and lakes. It is 105 miles long from I-40 near the Arizona and New Mexico Border and north towards Canyon De Chelly National Monument on Navajo Routes 12 and 64. The last one is a road network that encompasses a web roadway in Utah and New Mexico (Navajo Scenic Roads).

The Navajo Nation is also home to the Navajo Code Talkers of World War II. The Navajo language was used to create a secret code to battle the Japanese. Navajo men were selected to create codes and serve on the front line to overcome and deceive those on the other side of the battlefield. These men exemplify the unequaled bravery and patriotism of the Navajo people.

More information is available on theĀ Navajo DOT website.